Summer Fun and Safety

 Stay Cool. Stay Safe.

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Welcome to summer – no school, open windows, more time outside, summer vacation, and simply soaking up the sun with our family. Keeping active throughout the summer is important for both people and pets, but there are safety measures that we all need to take to ensure that our companion pets can enjoy the nice weather while staying healthy and happy during the season.


Water, water, water, everywhere:

Dogs and cats don’t have as many sweat glands as we do, nor can they cool off like we can. Dogs pant and cats can too. The water lost by panting needs to be replaced, so keep fresh cool water available for your pet at all times.

Water Safety:

Most dogs enjoy swimming, but some cannot swim while others may hate the water. Be conscious of your dog’s preferences and skills before trying to make him swim. If you’re swimming for the first time with your dog, start in shallow water and coax him in by calling his name. When boating, put a life jacket on your pets as a safety measure in case they fall overboard.

Mind the sun and heat:

Avoid strenuous exercise on extremely hot days. Take walks in the early morning or evening when the sun’s heat is less intense. When you go for a walk or are heading to the park or the beach, find shady areas to rest. The sunshine can overheat dogs, burn their skin, or just make them extremely uncomfortable. Just as we need to sit under an umbrella or awning to cool down, our pets do too. Take bottles of cold water for your dog and encourage her to drink often. Remember that your dog may become overheated long before you do.

Signs of heatstroke may include hot skin, rapid panting, twitching muscles, salivation, and a dazed expression. Note that short-nosed dogs such as bulldogs and pugs do not pant as efficiently as long-nosed dogs, and therefore have to work harder to cool themselves. If your dog appears to be overly hot, wrap your pet in a towel with cool, NOT cold water. Cool him down by giving him ice cubes to lick (as cold water will upset his stomach worse and hasten dehydration). Let him lie in front of a fan. Go immediately to a local emergency vet if your pet’s condition worsens.


Give your dog a good, thorough brushing and a bath regularly, particularly since they’re outside more, rolling around in the sand and grass, and playing in the water. This will help keep her clean, cool, and comfortable all throughout the summer.

Never leave your pet in the car:

On sunny, warm days never leave your dog in the car – ever.  The air in a parked car doesn’t circulate and the temperature can rise within minutes to a point where it can become life threatening. Even if the windows are cracked open and you park in the shade, cars heat up like ovens and can be unbearable. Please leave your pets at home if you can’t take them to places where they can accompany you.

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May you and your pets have a safe and healthy summer! Cheers!

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