Is it time for a Pet Wellness Consultation?


Many pet parents have questions and concerns as follows:

  1. What’s the best food for your pet?
  2. Is your dog or cat overweight?
  3. Is your pet shedding?
  4. Does your dog have difficulties with stairs?
  5. Is your cat or dog drinking enough water?
  6. Is your pet getting enough exercise?
  7. How do you care for your hamster (or other small animal or bird)?

Our Healthy Pet Care Specialists can answer these questions and more. We have the expertise to recommend the best brand of pet food, supplement, treat, toy, or any other pet product – along with great pet care tips – so that your companion pets are healthy and happy!

If you have any concerns about whether you are providing your companion pet with the best care and feeding them the best food, please schedule a Wellness Consultation with the Healthy Pet Care specialists at your neighbourhood Global Pet Foods store. The Consultation takes approximately 30 minutes to complete, which allows us to get acquainted with you and your pet. We recommend that you bring your pet with you to the store so that our Healthy Pet Care Specialists can see your pet, which will help them to identify any obvious issues, such as dry skin, issues with their teeth, or other problems.  We will discuss all of your pet care needs and offer you the following:

  • Evaluate your pet’s diet (food and supplements) to ensure that it’s suitable for their age, activity level, and that it address any special needs such as their weight (ie. overweight or underweight), dental health, joint issues, where they have allergies, etc.
  • Information related to vaccination concerns.
  • Parasite and Flea and Tick prevention information.
  • A grooming and general care plan
  • Exercise recommendations.

Discuss any other concerns based your pet’s individual situation.  We may recommend  a food change, adding a supplement to their food or water, or recommend a topical treatment that can clear up any health issues quickly which will help to improve your pet’s quality of life.

You want the best for your pet.  We do too.  We know that being a pet parent can be challenging when your furry child isn’t eating or experiencing health issues. Whether they suffer from allergies, dental issues, joint stiffness or a myriad of other health problems, we understand that you just want to help them. We pride ourselves on being pet nutrition and pet care specialists and we will use our knowledge and expertise to help you find the right solutions for your companion pets’ needs.

While we recommend that you visit a licensed veterinarian on an annual basis, there are many issues that can be cleared up with a visit to a pet specialty retailer such as Global Pet Foods.

Educate and empower yourself with this valuable pet care consultation and receive product and pet care recommendations to help you make better informed decisions for your pet’s health now and in the future.  And the best part about this is it’s free!

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