It’s time to Spring into Action!

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Spring is a time for renewal. The snow and ice melt way, and the birds return to our backyards along with warmer weather, longer daylight hours, budding trees and, eventually, beautiful gardens.

Baseball, long walks, open windows – spring is a favourite season for many people.

Spring also brings new chores, and a list of “things to do” to ensure that we’re ready for the season so that can enjoy it to its fullest. For pet parents, spring can be a challenging time for their furry companions, there are a number of precautions that we should take so that they can enjoy the season in all its glory.

1.  Spring Cleaning:  Now is a great time for a good spring cleaning!  When you’re cleaning your house, don’t forget to wash and clean your pets’ products too. Inspect your pet’s bed, their food and water dishes, clothing, collars and leashes, etc.  Check for tears, rips or items that are worn out.  Worn out or torn products that could injure or choke your pet if swallowed, should be replaced with new ones.

2.  Flea & Tick Season:  The warmer temperatures also signals the start of the flea and tick season, which continues through summer, and peaks in September and October.  It’s imperative that you take preventative measures and check your pet regularly during the season.  Proper application of any treatment that you use is also necessary to keep your pets healthy.  Please speak to our Healthy Pet Care Specialists who can educate about fleas and ticks and how to prevent them, and ensure that you buy the right products and apply them properly.

3.  Become Eco-Friendly:  As you begin to treat your lawns and gardens with fertilizer and pools with chemicals, choose eco-friendly or non-toxic products.  Dogs and cats have their noses close to the ground, where lawn and garden pesticides may linger and if they lick themselves afterwards, they could be at risk or chemical poisoning.  Compost material can also be hazardous to their health so keep the composter and chemicals locked away.  Avoid playing on your lawn for 24 hours after you have sprayed it. Always wipe your pets’ paws and their under-belly before heading back inside.

4.  Grooming:  The shedding of the winter coats for many breeds of dogs and cats takes place in spring, so grooming is critical.  Brushing your pet once a day will greatly reduce the unwanted hair as they begin to lose their undercoat.  The more hair you remove, the less you will see all over your home.  A good quality brush is a great investment as it will help to drastically reduce the shedding.  Brushing also helps to restore oils to the new coat, stimulates the skin and prevents matting, which can be painful.  Setting aside time each day for grooming is also a great time to bond with your pet.

5.  Walk Before you Run:  The exercise levels for many of us and our pets during winter have been minimal or non-existent, which has probably resulted in some weight gain.  If this is the case, start with moderate walks and gradually build up the level of exercise until you can get to a brisk walk or run over a few weeks’ time.  This will help to avoid joint and muscle strains or other major injuries.

Celebrate the arrival of spring!  We have the best products that you’ll need to keep your pets happy and healthy during this wonderful season. Global Pet Foods looks forward to seeing you and your pets in our stores!

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