Show Us Your Heart Fundraising Campaign – Give a Little, Help a lot!

Give a little and help hundreds of pet shelters and rescue groups care for a lot of homeless pets!SUYH2016-Digital-FBCover

A little goes a long way to helping thousands of homeless animals and the shelters and pet rescue groups that support them. From February 12- 28, join Global Pet Foods and Michael “Pinball” Clemons to support Global Pet Foods’ annual Show Us Your Heart™ fundraiser.

Donate as little as $1 in-store during Show Us Your Heart™ and Global Pet Foods will match it with another $1. Purchase a Paper Heart for $5 and Global Pet Foods will donate $1, plus give you 10 AIR MILES® Bonus Miles for a total donation of $6.  100% of all funds raised will be donated to local animal shelters and pet rescue groups to provide much needed shelter, care and treatment for pets in need.

Pets like Lucy, a 2 ½-year-old Shepherd – Lab mix who came into the care of Toronto pet rescue Adopt-a-Dog/Save-a-Life. Lucy was born with a vascular ring anomaly, which compressed her esophagus and made eating and maintaining a healthy weight difficult. Adopt-a-Life/Save-a-Life provided Lucy with life-saving surgery to correct her condition and return her to a healthy weight. The charity is currently working to find Lucy a forever home.

Community-based pet groups often struggle to raise the funds necessary to keep the lights on and pay vet bills. Even the smallest donation made during Show Us Your Heart™ can make a big difference to pets in need and the people who are caring for them.

To help homeless pets like Lucy, visit any Global Pet Foods store from February 12-28, 2016 to donate. Since its inception, the Show Us Your Heart™ fundraiser has raised over $1,000,000 to help care for thousands of homeless animals across Canada.

 For the chance to win great prizes, visit  and enter the Show Us Your Pet Contest by sharing a photo of you and your pet.

For more than 40 years Global Pet Foods has actively supported local companion animal charities and local shelter organizations across Canada.

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