About Us


Global Pet Foods – Canada’s Healthy Choice for Pets

Global Pet Foods is the largest Canadian-owned pet specialty retailer. We are proud to be Canadian!  We have been pet nutrition and pet care experts since 1976. There are over 165 stores located throughout Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta, British Columbia, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Quebec. The majority of our stores are franchised and independently owned & operated by people who are doting pet parents, agility enthusiasts, animal advocates, and trainers who have a wealth of knowledge about pet nutrition and pet care.

Our philosophy is that caring for pets must include these four elements: Mind+Body+Soul+Spirit. By offering a unique and wide selection of wholesome pet food, accessories and supplies that encompasses these four elements, we hope to help pet parents make informed decisions for the total health and well-being of their companion pets.

You want the best for your pet.  We do too.  Let us show you how proper nutrition and care can not only improve the overall health of your pets, but extend their lives.

Our Global Pet Foods’ Healthy Pet Care Specialists have the expertise to recommend the best brand of food, supplement, treat, toy, or any other pet product – along with great pet care tips – so that your companion pets are healthy and happy!

We specialize in natural and holistic pet food, supplements, and treats, and also carry a wide selection of Health & Beauty supplies (shampoos, grooming tools, dental products, etc.), toys, carriers & crates, beds, clothing, leashes & collars, training tools and many other pet supplies and accessories that are essential for pet parents in caring for their companion pets, whether they are cats and dogs, birds, fish, or small animals such as hamsters and ferrets.

Global Pet Foods offers the best selection of pet food and pet care products at competitive prices, together with friendly and professional customer service.

We know that being a pet parent can be challenging when your furry child isn’t eating or experiencing health issues. Whether they suffer from allergies, dental issues, joint stiffness or a myriad of other health problems, we understand that you just want to help them. We pride ourselves on being pet nutrition and pet care specialists and we will use our knowledge and expertise to help you find the right solutions for your companion pets’ needs.

Get rewards miles on your purchases at Global Pet Foods stores across Canada!  Present your AIR MILES Card when making your purchase and get 1 Reward Mile for every $15 spent in a single transaction, including taxes, at all Global Pet Foods stores.

We also offer a Free Food Program on the majority of dry and raw food brands for dogs and cats – and even on some brands for small animals. The Free Food program varies by brand and is available at ALL Global Pet Foods locations.  Visit your neighbourhood Global Pet Foods store to learn more and to register for our Free Food program today.

Our stores are actively involved in their communities, partnering with animal rescues and adoption programs, and fundraising for animal shelters. We work with animal rescues and shelters to host adoption and fundraiser special events at most of our stores. Our annual Show Us Your Heart campaign, which runs during the first two weeks of February each year, has raised over $1,000,000 to date. These funds are directed to over 120 pet rescues and animal shelters across Canada.

Thank you for shopping local, and shopping Canadian.  Global Pet Foods is Canada’s Healthy Choice for Pets and we are Canadian!

To learn more or find a Global Pet Foods store visit www.globalpetfoods.com

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