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Show Us Your Heart Fundraising Campaign – Give a Little, Help a lot!

Give a little and help hundreds of pet shelters and rescue groups care for a lot of homeless pets!SUYH2016-Digital-FBCover

A little goes a long way to helping thousands of homeless animals and the shelters and pet rescue groups that support them. From February 12- 28, join Global Pet Foods and Michael “Pinball” Clemons to support Global Pet Foods’ annual Show Us Your Heart™ fundraiser.

Donate as little as $1 in-store during Show Us Your Heart™ and Global Pet Foods will match it with another $1. Purchase a Paper Heart for $5 and Global Pet Foods will donate $1, plus give you 10 AIR MILES® Bonus Miles for a total donation of $6.  100% of all funds raised will be donated to local animal shelters and pet rescue groups to provide much needed shelter, care and treatment for pets in need.

Pets like Lucy, a 2 ½-year-old Shepherd – Lab mix who came into the care of Toronto pet rescue Adopt-a-Dog/Save-a-Life. Lucy was born with a vascular ring anomaly, which compressed her esophagus and made eating and maintaining a healthy weight difficult. Adopt-a-Life/Save-a-Life provided Lucy with life-saving surgery to correct her condition and return her to a healthy weight. The charity is currently working to find Lucy a forever home.

Community-based pet groups often struggle to raise the funds necessary to keep the lights on and pay vet bills. Even the smallest donation made during Show Us Your Heart™ can make a big difference to pets in need and the people who are caring for them.

To help homeless pets like Lucy, visit any Global Pet Foods store from February 12-28, 2016 to donate. Since its inception, the Show Us Your Heart™ fundraiser has raised over $1,000,000 to help care for thousands of homeless animals across Canada.

 For the chance to win great prizes, visit http://www.globalpetfoods.com/showusyourheart2016  and enter the Show Us Your Pet Contest by sharing a photo of you and your pet.

For more than 40 years Global Pet Foods has actively supported local companion animal charities and local shelter organizations across Canada.

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2014 Show Us Your Heart Campaign – February 1 – 15, 2014


Pets are a constant source of inspiration. They motivate us to brave the cold on dark winter mornings and stay active. They fuel our spirits with their unconditional love and trust.

Jim Walker, President of Global Pet Foods, was lucky enough to have Bear and Abby, two rescue dogs that not only did just that, but also inspired him to switch careers and later, start a national fundraiser to help homeless pets.  Jim and his wife found Bear, a long-haired German Shepherd, through an online rescue network called Adopt-A-Dog/Save-A-Life.  At the time Jim was traveling a lot and his wife wanted a big dog that would make her feel more comfortable when she was home alone.  A puppy didn’t fit that bill, so they decided to adopt a rescue.  When they met Bear, they instantly fell in love with him.  He was this big, huge, hairy dog that weighed 120 pounds, but had a sweet, gentle disposition. He was also extremely well behaved, which left them wondering why anyone would ever have abandoned him.

The shelter explained that Bear had inflammatory bowel disease and his pet parents found it too difficult to care for him. That didn’t scare Jim off. They took Bear home and learned everything they could about pet nutrition and eventually found the right diet to manage his condition. They were amazed that through proper nutrition, Bear’s overall health improved significantly, and drastically improve his quality of life.

Bear’s transformation inspired Jim to switch careers and open a Global Pet Foods store in 1992 as a franchisee. Jim moved on to become the President of Global Pet Foods in 1995, and has remained President to this day. But it was his second dog, Abby, who inspired Jim to help shelters give incredible animals, like Bear and Abby, a second chance.  Abby was found in a dumpster on an especially cold fall day along with a litter of puppies. One of only two puppies to survive, Abby, barely a day old, was picked up by the Humane Society.  A friend at the Humane Society knew that Jim was looking for a dog after Bear passed away and called him immediately.

When Jim and his wife brought Abby home, he started thinking about how Global Pet Foods could give back to shelters as a company. He wanted to support smaller, community-based organizations – the local shelters and groups that don’t receive government funding or have their own fundraising departments. These shelters do all the work, often on their own dime and through the blood, sweat and tears of volunteers. So they decided that Global Pet Foods should become their fundraising department.

In 2006 the Global Pet Foods annual fundraiser, Show Us Your Heart, was born. Every February, each Global Pet Foods store selects a local shelter in its community to support. We then ask pet parents to donate a dollar and we match the first dollar of their donation. All proceeds go back to the local shelters.

With the help of our generous customers, Global Pet Foods has now raised over $570,000 for animal shelters across Canada. Those funds have helped shelters pay vet bills, buy supplies and keep their doors open — all in the quest to find forever homes for dogs like Bear and Abby.

Show Us Your Heart isn’t just any ordinary store fundraiser. It’s a chance to directly give back to animal caregivers who give their whole hearts to help homeless pets each day.

This February let’s put our money where our hearts are and show homeless animals ours!

To donate, visit any Global Pet Foods store between February 1st and 15th.  All proceeds will go to local animal shelters or pet related charities.  Donate as little as $1 to our Show Us Your Heart™ fundraiser, and Hill’s® Ideal Balance™ along with Global Pet Foods will match your donation.

Buy a $5 or more paper heart, and Hill’s® Ideal Balance™ along with Global Pet Foods will also donate $1 and give you 10 Bonus AIR MILES® reward miles.  You can also donate online at www.globalpetfoods.com.

Enter our online “Show Us Your Pet” contest and you could win Hill’s® Ideal Balance™ pet food for a year, 1,000 AIR MILES® reward miles, or 1 of 10 Global Pet Foods $150 gift cards! Simply upload your favourite pet photo at http://www.globalpetfoods.com/showusyourheart2014  and tell us what your pet means to your heart, and you could win awesome prizes to share with your prized pets!

Your local pet shelter could use a helping hand!


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